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Property Buying Stages in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey is a straight forward process, and often easier than in the UK and other European countries. Turkish Properties Abroad will guide you through every stage and make the process as simple as possible for you.

The first and most important stage is to decide on your budget. All the extra costs should be taken into consideration and how the finance will be raised.

Once your budget has been decided a short list of properties should be put together. Turkish Properties Abroad can help guide you on the correct type and location of property for your needs if you do not have a specific thing in mind.

A viewing trip will then be arranged for you to visit the area and properties on your short list. A member of staff will be present who has all the correct information on the properties and area.

Once you have seen a property in Turkey that you would like to purchase you will need to put down a reservation deposit to secure the property and price which is payable by cash or credit card. An initial payment of 10-20% of the property price is usually required. The exact figure will be confirmed individually with the house owner at the time of purchase.

A contract will then be written in Turkish and English including a payment plan for your chosen property. Off-plan projects will include a longer payment plan with stage payments.

You will need to have your passport with you so copies can be taken for the paperwork. Photographs are also required for the paperwork but these can be taken in the resort.

You should then visit or contact the Solicitor who will prepare and check the purchase contact. They are there to help you. You are paying for their services so please use this time to ask any questions you may have.

Should you not be present in Turkey for the actual purchase of your property, you then need to go (your agent will accompany you) to the Notary's office (similar to Notary public in the UK) to sign a document giving your agent power of Attorney for the property, not for money. This enables the agent to continue with obtaining the Title Deeds in your absence.

Now the initial stage has been completed and you do not need to be present for any more of the property purchase transaction.

You will be given the original contract and copy of the power of Attorney to take back home with you.

The same day or the next day your papers are forwarded to the Land Registry office for all documentation relating to the purchase is then forwarded to the Land Registration office in Izmir. Here everything is checked and then the title deeds (TAPU) are re-issued in the new owners name and forwarded back to the local Land Registration office who, in turn contact your agent. This process usually takes 6-8 weeks.

Turkish Properties Abroad will advise you of this when it happens. At this time you will need to pay the final balance plus the 3.3% property tax.

Upon receipt of this, if you are not present in Turkey, we can then sign for and collect your TAPU from the Land Registration office on your behalf and this will then be held in the office pending your next visit and collection.

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Property Location : Fethiye
Beds : 3
Baths :
Property Price : £ 65,500