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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have listed frequently asked questions when buying property in Turkey which may come in your mind durng buying process. Please feel free to email us if you ahve got a question which we have not listed here and our legal team will be happy to answer that for you.

What documentation will I need to buy property in Turkey?

Your passport is the only documentation you will need to purchase a property in Turkey.

Do I need to obtain Turkish citizenship before I buy?

No, non-citizens and non residents can buy a property in Turkey.

Do I need a visa before entering Turkey?

Yes, most nationalities require a Visa to enter Turkey. This can be obtained at Immigration once you arrive in Turkey at the airports.

How long can I stay in Turkey on the normal Visitor's visa?

Visitor's Visas are valid for 3 months

Can I obtain a Visitor's visa for a longer period of time?

Yes, longer term residency visas can be obtained from your local Turkish Embassy prior to travelling to Turkey. They are normally issued for periods of one year. Alternatively you can opt to take a day trip or overnight trip to a Greek Island towards the end of your 3 month period and purchase a new visa valid for 3 months on re-entry to Turkey.

Can I get a mortgage in Turkey to finance my purchase?

Yes, Foreign Nationals are now eligible for mortgages or other financial borrowings depending on the property they wish to purchase. Contact us for further details.

As a property owner, do I need to register for Tax in Turkey?

Yes, but this is a very straightforward procedure, which we can guide you through.

Can I get house and contents insurance in Turkey?

Yes, many well known international insurance companies and local Turkish companies offer building and contents insurance. Earthquake Insurance is now compulsory in Turkey and is readily available and a straightforward transaction.

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Property Location : Fethiye
Beds : 2
Baths :
Property Price : £ 65,000